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Dantty Developers are ready to make your dream or ideal App, Website or Software System come to life with full functionality just as you want it.

  • Web front-end development
  • Web App back-end programming
  • Mobile App development
  • Computer / System Software programming
  • Photography And Design
  • Digital Marketing

Dantty has an experienced Team of intelligent developers and Designers that is willing to exact all resources to get their customers' work done in the shortest time possible. Dantty aims at developing the the Technology sector by making Systems that make work easier, secure and more efficient.

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Happy Clients: Our clients always have find what they get what they want exactly how they want it


Projects that Dantty developers have worked on so far


Years of experience that dantty developers have been in existence


Awards in the Dantty repositories. And more are yet to be won by the team.


These are the some of the service assurances from the Dantty developers team.


Customer's Information and project details are kept confidential and in safe storage.

Perfect output

Customers get exactly what they want their products to be like or even more better.

Fast production

Dantty developer team works fast to complete the client's master piece.


Dantty developers Create projects all over the world and its clients are international.

Sale Your Idea

Think of any Idea. App, Website or Software, then sale the idea to Dantty Developers to manifest it.

Hosting Service

Dantty can host and manage web projects for you 24/7, skip the hustle part and continue with business.


Most requested features Requested by our Clients


What is the difference between web apps and websites?

A website is a group of globally accessed interlinked web pages which have a sungle domain name. A web app is a software or program which is accessible using any web browser. Developing you website helps you in branding your business.

How fast can Dantty Developers work on a system project?

The Dantty developer team is highly dedicated to give their clients what they need in the shortest time possible. Usually websites can take the shortest time to create, an average of 2 - 7 days. Applications however require more resources and programming involved, however, the shortest time of production is 14 days. For a system software project, the team has made a record of 1 month development duration.

How do I get my project product when it is done?

The project files are sent to you via E-mail as a compressed file. This is after full teasting of the project, so our client will not have to struggle with debbuging any error from the system.

Can I Host with Dantty?

Dantty Services welcomes all clients that could have issues with hosting and website / App management. Dantty can manage all your projects and your website or application content so that you have totally no hustle with you project but always have it running 24/7.

Can I sale my project idea to Dantty?

Dantty consentrates on creating IT related solutions for the community. If your have a well defined project idea and you have no idea on how to deal with its production and you might also have no interest in owning it, Dantty is here to take your idea a mile ahead.

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Is here to make develop IT in Uganda and all over the world. We want to find as many solutions to our problems as possible. We are here to facilitate you with increadible services.
~ S. Merit Ronald

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